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Chocolate Order 2021-11-30

Please note, several chocolate products that have been out of stock will be available soon.  The following should be arriving no November 30, 2021.  The full list follows:


Barry Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chips (1000ct)
Barry Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chips (4000ct)
Barry Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chunks (1000ct)
Barry Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks (600ct)
Cacao Barry 100% Pure Hazelnut Paste
Cacao Barry Alto El Sol 65% Dark Pistoles
Cacao Barry Blanc Satin White Pistoles
Cacao Barry Chocolate Baton Sticks
Cacao Barry Chocolate Flakes
Cacao Barry Dark Guayaquil 64% Pistoles
Cacao Barry Ghana Milk Pistoles 40.5%
Cacao Barry Lactée Supérieure Milk Pistoles
Cacao Barry Lactée Supérieure Milk Pistoles
Cacao Barry Mi-Amere Dark Pistoles 58%
Cacao Barry Organic Madirofolo Madagascar Dark 65%
Cacao Barry Praline 50% Hazelnuts
Cacao Barry Praline Grains
Cacao Barry Tanzanie 75% Pistoles
Cacao Barry Venezuela Pistoles
Callebaut 70% Dark Callets
Callebaut 811 Dark Callets
Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate Block
Callebaut 823 Milk Callets
Callebaut Caramel Fill
Callebaut Dark Chocolate Shavings 2.5kg
Callebaut Dark Coating Chocolate
Callebaut Dark Gianduja Hazelnut Block
Callebaut Gold Caramel Callets
Callebaut Milk Gianduja Hazelnut Block
Callebaut Pure Pistachio Paste
Callebaut W2 White Callets
Callebaut White Chocolate Curls
Chocolate White Truffle Shells 504pcs
Cocoa Powder Cacao Barry Extra Brute
Mona Lisa Bronze Shimmer Flakes
Mona Lisa Bronze Shimmer Granellas
Mona Lisa Crispearls Dark
Mona Lisa Crispearls Milk
Mona Lisa Crispearls White
Mona Lisa Marbled Pencils 115pcs
Mona Lisa Medium Marbled Tulip Cups
Mona Lisa Pearly Shimmer Granellas
Mona Lisa Scarlet Shimmer Flakes
Mona Lisa White Chocolate Shavings 2.5kg
Praline Feuilletine Cacao Barry