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Cocoa Powder Cacao Barry Nature Cacao

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Opening a new chapter for Chefs, Nature Cacao embodies the perfect balance between innovation and indulgence.

Nature Cacao is a new way to meet your consumers’ need for transparency and authenticity: a 100% natural dark brown cacao powder obtained with no chemical intervention and no additives. The unique processing also gives Nature Cacao its very high dispersibility.

This low fat cacao powder, made from sustainably sourced finest quality West African beans, reveals a rustic roasted cacao taste with notes of cherry, dry fruits & spices.

With its 100% clean label and natural promise, Nature Cacao is ideal to flavour, colour and decorate your recipes: sponge cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies, hot drinks, doughs, gelato & sorbets, glazes, desserts, and many more! Legere