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Callebaut / Cacao Barry Milk Ingredients

Several dark chocolate products from Barry Callebaut are processed on machinery which also comes in contact with milk.  Historically, these products have carried a precautionary allergen warning ("may contain milk"), and were at best certified Kosher-Dairy.  

As a precautionary measure, effective November 15, 2021, Barry Callebaut is changing labeling on these products.  They will begin to list "milk ingredient" as the final ingredient.  Any such products which carried a Vegan label will cease to have one.  This will take some time to roll out on packaging, but customers should be aware of it now.  

In the event you are using Barry Callebaut’s dark products as ingredients in a finished consumer product, the ingredient label may need to change to reflect the additional milk.

If you have seen a link to this page on a product page Konrads' website, the product is affected.

See Letter.